MCN Washing Routine

Most people think cloth nappies are hard work- they are truly misinformed! It is not as hard as you might think.

At Fluff Bums and Mums, we support the Australian Nappy Association and Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under wash guidelines. Simply - 

  1. Rinse and flush solids (a sprayer may be handy but not necessary)
  2. Hand rinse under tap and store in an open basket or pail until wash day
  3. Wash Day
  • Pre wash - put the whole load of soiled nappies in for a warm (40c) quick wash cycle to remove most of the urine and soiling. Use about 1/2 the recommended detergent amount for a normal load.
  • Main wash - Bulking up the load with baby clothes, and tea towels to reach maximum agitation;, run a long, hot (60c) wash. Use the recommended detergent amount for a heavily soiled load.
4. Dry nappies - line dry, or dryer
  • If using the dryer, dry shells on the lowest temp settings to avoid damaging the shells. Inserts can be dried at higher temps.


* Night nappies require a warm long rinse under the tap preferably with some detergent to remove the overnight urine from the nappies. Keep rinsing until the water in the sink runs clear.




Infographic made by Inspired Admin