Meet the Fluff Family

They say things are born out of necessity. Well, I guess that's true in our case. When our small familiy moved from Brisbane to Toowoomba, I was looking for a cloth nappy store nearby but Google did not provide me with an answer. So, off I went to hubby and ran an idea by him - to open a little business helping people with their decision to use MCNs.

I can't really recall what he said because I wanted to do it anyway! I would hate it if someone who wanted to start, just abandon the idea because there was a lack of support or because they couldn't see the nappies beforehand to learn more. So in mid 2016, Fluff Bums and Mums went live.

Of course, months after we opened, I found two other businesses nearby, but that makes is even more exciting!

Now we have grown a little. Our family of three has become a family of four. We now stock womanly items as well, as I've grown to love them in my time of (not) needing anything extra down there.

We hope you find our website enlightening, and our business as fulfilling as we do. Your support means a lot to us and it reassures me that I chose the right path. If you have any suggestions, comments, or if you just want to say you love us, we are just an email away!