Find the answers to your questions here. If there's anything we don't have covered, please feel free to get in touch with us. 


How long does my order take to get shipped?

We aim to process and pack all orders within 24 hours, or over the weekend to be posted the next business day. 


What shipping carrier do you use? 

We use both Sendle and Australia Post. If you have a preference, please let us know at checkout. 


Can I pick up locally? 

Sure can! You can pick up at Lilly & Wattle Co. anytime. They are located at 188 Margaret St, Toowoomba. 


Are you able to assist with issues such as - fit, washing, insert placement, and general queries? 

Absolutely. We can help the best we can for you. This can be done in person at Lilly & Wattle Co. or online. There may be times where we won't be able to fully help, but we will refer you to someone who can so you won't be left to deal with it yourself. 


How do I use the shampoo bar? 

Simply wet your hair and the bar, then gently rub the bar over your hair until it creates a nice lather. Once it's done, rinse your hair under the water as per normal. 


Will the Lunette menstrual cup work for me?

The Lunette cup is a great cup that will work for most women. It is a cup that sits well for women with a mid level cervix. The stem can be trimmed to fit you without altering the function of the cup. 

With 2 sizes, the cup will work with you for a long time.


How long does a menstrual cup last?

On average, it should last around 5-10 years, maybe more if you're lucky. If you notice any cracks, tears or holes you will need to replace your cup to reduce the risk of any infections and leaks. 


How do I wash and care for my cloth pads? 

A rinse either under the tap or a quick cycle in the washing machine after use is ideal. This can be done every day or 2. Once it's done, simply leave it in a dry (empty) pail.

By rinsing the pads, you are removing most of the blood before the main wash. You can wash your pads with cloth nappies or your load of normal laundry. 

The pads can be tumble dried in the dryer or air dried on the line. 

If there are stains, you can use stain removers such as Di-San, Vanish, Sard soap, and the likes. The use of Dettol or any disinfectant is not recommended.