Drying cloth nappies in winter

Loving cloth in winter

Winter seems like the craziest time to do cloth but with a little adjustments to your routine, it will be crazy fun! 

MCNs can take a whole day if not more to dry. Night nappies can take days. Sunlight is also limited and it can be freezing outside. So what can you do? 


  1. Wash overnight 

Newer washing machines have timers that you can turn on before you go to bed. Run your prewash after the kids go to bed, while you enjoy some downtime. Then before you head to bed, turn on the timer, making sure the main wash cycle ends as you get up the next day. 

If you don’t have a timer or don’t like to use one, run the washes before you go to bed and dry the load the first thing in the morning. The nappies will be fine left overnight.


2. Pegging flat

Everything takes longer to dry in winter but there are some pegging tricks that can speed up the process. Make sure all inserts, flats, prefolds, and anything without an elastic is pegged flat. No overlaps. 

Overlapping will leave the underside damp while the rest dry, which is not what you want at the end of the day.


3. Dryer 

Yes, you can use the dryer for nappies, even shells. Some people still hang the shells out because they dry much faster and it reduces the risk of the shells delaminating, but shells in dryers are okay. Just make sure not to pull on the elastics on the cover when it’s still warm. 


4. Undercover drying 

Sometimes drying in a dry area of the house is the quicker way to dry nappies. Places like the garage with some air flowing through, the verandah, or under the house can work wonders.


5. Indoors 

This is not the best method and should be used as a last resort. Recent studies have found that drying washing indoors can increase the humidity levels making the house and occupants more susceptible to mould, dust mites, and respiratory illnesses. 

But if you absolutely must, make sure the air is circulated with windows slightly open to reduce the risks. 


6. Purchase some fast drying backups 

If all else fails..or maybe you just want some backups, why not get some flats or prefolds to add to your stash? These generally dry faster than most MCN inserts and they will fit most shells. 

With these tips on hand, you will be breezing through this winter.

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