A story of Confidence and Persistence : The Cloth Nappy Journey

A story of Confidence and Persistence : The Cloth Nappy Journey

This blog post was written for the Toowoomba Darling Downs Baby Magazine but I had to share as I find stories and journeys a powerful tool. I have never proclaimed myself to be an expert in the cloth field but because I do love using them despite the minor challenges we had. A picture of 3 kids. A girl and boy looking lovingly at a newborn baby.


“Ohhh my, look at that adorable little thing”


After 3 babies, I was finally game step up and use cloth nappies from the labour room! With my first, it was all so new and frankly, I was in a daze after a long labour. Too tired to think, too hungry, too thrilled to finally meet my little girl. Then with the second, it all happened fast and at 5am on New Years Day I didn’t think about his first nappy till later.

But with my third- I was on the ball - even at 4am! Maybe because it was such a quick labour that even the midwife almost missed it. Perhaps, after 5 years of cloth nappies, I was more confident.

So there we were, putting on his first nappy, first outfit before heading home a few hours later..and the midwife couldn’t believe her eyes. She loved the cute little nappy and said “I wish I saw more of that”



Sometimes, the best thing you can do it just silence your doubts



It took me a while to get confident with using cloth nappies but being persistent really helped. You are not going to get it right 100% of the time. Things happen and that is okay. Finding support is the best thing you can do. It can be family, friends, parenting groups or even dedicated cloth nappy groups.

Some nappies might work better than others for you but don’t be disheartened. For the first 9 months of our cloth nappy journey, we had at least one nappy leak every single day. It took us that long to figure out that a particular brand of nappy just did not work for us. We pivoted and tried new brands and that was that – no more daily leaks!



Cloth nappies 100% of the time may not work for everyone



Getting to where I am today with cloth was not instant. It was never an overnight success even if I acted like it secretly was for the first year (fake it till you make it right?) But I guess I was never one to give up just like that. In saying that, you should NEVER be overly anxious or stressed about using cloth. It may not work for everyone all the time but even with just one nappy a week you can save 150 disposable nappies from landfill. That is massive no matter how you look at it.



“This is amazing! I love that you have all these brands in one place”



Fluff Bums and Mums is Toowoomba’s only multi brand cloth nappy retailer and we have a storefront where you can see all the different brands that we stock, plus all the other products that we have in our ever-expanding range! Award winning, trusted brands that we love ourselves.

From experience, I can tell you that seeing a product and talking all the ins and outs with someone that has been there makes a world of difference. You can find our entire range at Lilly & Wattle Co. , 188 Margaret St. Send us a message to make an appointment!






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