Stainless Steel Pegs

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Grade 201 Stainless Steel – the standard grade and a great all rounder for quality and price. While they’re quite hardy, we don’t recommend leaving them outdoors for extended periods or for salty conditions. We have these in 1.7mm and 2mm wire diameter and 60mm length (standard for medium weight clothing and breezy days) and also the mega sized 2.5mm wire diameter and 85mm length for the strongest hold on gusty days or for your heavy work gear, bath mats, blankets, naughty children, and so on.


Grade 304 Stainless Steel – the “tough” grade for higher corrosion and rust resistance that can be left outside without being too bothered about this – unless you live in coastal regions in which case see our 316 grade below. Both sizes on offer are appropriate in windy conditions, one being our standard 2mm wire diameter and 60mm length and the other in 2.3mm wire diameter and 64mm length for extra strength and support for heavy items.


Grade 316 Stainless Steel – the “marine” grade and the toughest, anti-rust steel pegs available. These pegs have your name on them if you live near the beach or if you like to leave your pegs on the line 24/7 and want them to be cool with that. We have 3 sizes in this grade; 1.7mm wire diameter which is easy to open if you find the 2mm a bit too strong, regular 2mm by 60mm length for good every day use, and 2mm by 76mm for extra length and extra strength to really grip those heavy items


The main difference between the steel types is the level of nickel. The levels of chromium and nickel are what give stainless steel it’s anti-corrosion properties, and the level of chromium in the 3 main grades is the same at between 16-20%. The nickel content however, is 3.5 to 5.5% for 201 making it more cost efficient and versatile, but less hardy than 304 which has 8-10%. This makes it super resistant to a lot of chemical and environmental factors but can still be corroded in time by salt, which is where 316 comes to the rescue with a nickel content of around 12% (and the addition of molybdenum) and will virtually never rust.

The coloured pegs are just your regular steel pegs as above – however to turn these pretty ducklings into beautiful swans they go through a vacuum plating process. The very short version of this process is: Pegs go into vacuum chamber, are coated under high pressure with the vapour of a coloured metal, and come out the other side in shiny colours. It’s considered an environmentally friendly process because the vacuum chamber is self contained and tightly sealed meaning that no vapours can escape. It’s also much safer than another form of plating where chromium is mixed with cyanide.


A bag of pegs includes 30 stainless steel pegs and it comes in a cute jute pouch to keep them safe when not in use.