Salty Sister Sand Remover

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Love the beach, but hate the sand? We hear ya, sister!

Our all natural, organic, talc-free powder is the holy grail of summer days!

Suitable for the whole body and completely ocean friendly, perfect for making sure the sand stays at the beach, where it belongs!

 Salty Sister is an organic, all-natural, talc-free sand removing powder. Safe for you, safe for your family, and safe for the ocean.


The perfected formula is the ultimate combination of natural and mineral powders and a few secret ingredients- but with no nasties.


 165g bottles will look after you for 40+ uses! What's more, the bottle is fully recyclable (made from the same kind of plastic as your milk bottles so it can be recycled over and over again into new products once you're done). And, of course, the mineral powders won't upset the ocean, simply dissolving upon contact with water.

"How do I use this awesome powder?" I hear you ask.
When taking a break for lunch, re-applying suncream or heading home, simply twist open your Salty Sister bottle, shake onto sandy skin and brush the sand away.
1. Towel dry your body like normal 

2. Lightly shake Salty Sister powder onto either the palm of your hand or directly onto your body and rub into your skin.

3. Relax as you enjoy your super smooth, totally sand-free body (Any left over powder on skin, simply wipe with towel).