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A slim fitting double gusset nappy to fit any baby!

Made with a breathable, but waterproof PUL and comes with TWO natural cotton inserts. The longer insert has a pull-out tab making it easy to pull out of the nappy pocket. The smaller insert sits outside the pocket (or can be inserted in the pocket as well).

The nappies are lined with a stay-dry inner keeping bub comfortable. Meanwhile,the double gussets are poonami proof and fit snugly around the thighs.

Feature snapshot:

- Double Gusset

- Slim fitting

- Fast drying

- Double rise snaps (ie.no wing drop)


- Front Pocket


*Cupid print is an older version. It comes with 2 charcoal inserts and has a back pocket.


We welcome bulk orders, please email us to discuss further.


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