Baby Beehinds Inserts

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Need extra inserts? These bamboo inserts by Baby Beehinds are thirsty and will fit most nappies perfectly. You can choose between two different inserts to suit your need.


The Fold Up -

Made from 2 layers of thick and thirsty Bamboo Fleece.
Each fold-up measures approximately 30cm x 30cm, after initial shrinkage. Simply fold to fit how baby needs it- you can get up to 8 layers!
 Magic All -
Simply insert into your baby's nappy and the absorbency is immediately doubled!  It measures 36cm x 13cm and will fit most nappies

Please keep in mind that these inserts, like all bamboo products will shrink up to 15% after pre washing. Also remember they will reach best absorbency after 8 + washes.