Menstrual Cups: How and What??!

Menstrual Cups: How and What??!

Now this isn’t going to be a very in-depth article on cups. I’ll be honest, I have only used them for a couple of years and I know there is a lot more I need to learn. However, in saying that, I am comfortable enough to say that I know how it works and I love using it.


A recurring theme for me is my kids. The cup was first introduced to me after I could not stand the feeling of disposable cloth pads after having my first. I felt like I needed to change every half and hour (or maybe less).


I knew then that I was going to try a cup. There is a quiz that you can take to find out which cups suits you best, depending on your pelvic height, age, and a few other factors. So I took the test and it paired me up with the Lunette cup. It’s a cup for “average” ladies. Sounds wrong but it just means that your pelvic height and everything else is on the middle of the scales.


Our first meet was awkward. There was a lot of staring and getting to know each other. I mean- I had given birth not long before that. Things are still not 100% so why would I put myself through that. Add that with learning all the folds and things to do, and NOT to do. It got a little overwhelming but that’s only because there was a lot to learn. This new world of not using a pad.


The first try took quite a while (or maybe an eternity when you’re in the situation!). If you read advice blogs or posts, they will all say that you need to relax and breathe when you insert or take off the cup. There are no truer words.


After the second day, things got a lot smoother and the cup and I were somewhat friends. I was nice to not keep on changing pads every so often. It’s only on the heaviest days (day 2 and 3) that I need to change more often with the cup.


Keeping it clean isn’t has hard as I had thought too. I keep a little wetbag with me at all times in case of emergencies. In the wetbag there is a pair of undies, a Lunette Wipe and a spare cup. But at home, I just tip out give it a quick rinse and reinsert. Then at the end of the cycle, I wash with either the Lunette Feel Better Wash or by boiling it with water in a pot on the stove. I give the cup a quick wash right before the cycle too (or a wipe in emergencies!)


After 5 years of using the cup (on and off between having 2 more kids), I have saved myself around $78 per year. Which means that the I have paid off the cost of the menstrual cup in less than a year and the with every other month of using it, I’m actually saving money. Seriously, how good is that?!


So if you are on the fence about switching, just dive in. We are always happy to help if you are local to Toowoomba and Surrounds. Simply get in touch with us!


  • Save Waste
  • Save Money
  • Be more confident during your period
  • Be free
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